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Lostclikfound services are ideally suited for corporates. It helps to protect the valuable asset as well as the sensitive information carried in the portable devices of your employees.This service is ideally suited for today’s mobile professionals who are always on the move.

Link your mobile corporate assets such as, laptops,Mobiles, Passports, PDAs, keys, smart phones, USB drives etc and let your employees travel without any worries. This service can also prevent inter change of assets at airports, stations etc.

Why is this service important for you? The definition of a valuable asset can be in two ways - in terms of cost, & in terms of data sensitivity. Replacement of the asset is the smallest worry that you may face. Imagine a third person having access to all your corporate information that is stored in your employees’ laptops and mobiles. This service will surely be of benefit to you, to retrieve a valuable asset at a very low cost. Another important benefit of this service is that an organization would be able to do its corporate branding on these trendy tags, which would enhance corporate visibility along with a valuable 24X7 service.

This product and service would be a unique corporate gift item with a value addition.Lostclikfound will immediately notify you when a lost item is found and within a short span of time your valuable will be back with its rightful owner.

For further information and details, kindly contact us at contact@lostclikfound.com or please provide your details in the form below and we will surely get in touch with you.


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