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• What is LostClikFound.com service and why do I want it?

Surveys agree with us, that usually most finders would definitely return the items to the owners, if they can find them. But there is a LACK OF MEANS for the identification and tracing of the owner. So, the lost items stay just there, Lost to the owner.

LostClikFound provides a service which can bridge this gap between the person who has lost and the person who has found the item. Without LostClikFound.com service, recovery rates are very low. With LostClikFound.com service the odds are raised. Why?

LostClikFound.com service is easy to use by both the owners who lost their items and the finders. It can be used by all kinds of people, school kids to corporates, tech-savvy or non tech-savvy ones, vendors to businessmen. The service can be used by the simply attaching our LostClikFound Labels or Tags to your items.

LostClikFound tags and Labels tell the finder how to return the item to the owner. The finder has a MEANS now to contact the owner, through LostClikFound. LostClikFound can arrange for easy return of the item, and also prove beneficial to both parties.  

• What kind of stuff needs LOSTCLIKFOUND.COM SERVICE labels?

Valuable portable items, that can be lost, can vary from small items like goggles to larger ones like laptops and digital cameras. Personal equipment like phones, tablets, pen drives, Netbooks, Laptops. They can be sports items like racquets, skates, golf clubs, cricket bats and peripherals. Items like children’s PSP, video games, expensive shoes. Larger items like cycles, helmets, tool kits. Portable medical instruments like BP machines, walkers, wheel chairs. Also labels can be used for baggage, luggage and even the Passport.

• How do I get LOSTCLIKFOUND.COM SERVICE protection?

You need to register yourself on our website. FOUND ME tags can be purchased from our website or at various retail locations. Then activate these labels in your account against the items to which the labels are attached to. In case you lose the item, and someone finds it and contacts LCF, we can identify you with the help of the label attached.

• Please explain your Enhanced Service Plans. (Yet to be launched)

• I received a free label. What do I do now? 

  • ·        Attach or Paste the Label to the item you want to protect.
  • ·        Create your user ID with accurate information for address, mobile etc
  • ·        Login to your account in our website
  • ·        Activate the label.
  • ·        You can browse our store and purchase additional labels online and use them to protect all kinds of losable items you own.

• What happens if I lose something? 

 In case you know you have lost something, you can login to your account on our website and report the loss. You can also revise the reward announced against the item [not mandatory].

In case you are unaware that you have lost your item, don’t worry. In both cases, depending on the service you have favoured [normal membership or premium membership], the finder or LCF will contact you, as soon as the item you lost is reported as FOUND

• Does LostClikFound.com service work for businesses?

Yes. Businesses own a lot of movable assets like laptops, mobiles, drives which carry confidential data. LostClikFound.com Service can provide protection to all these assets with the Corporate Plans that it offers.

Why is LostClikFound.com service better than just writing my name on my valuables?

 Many reasons. You would have to write your name, address or phone number for everybody to see. You are putting yourself at a personal risk and losing your privacy. Also your labels could just peel off, or get smudged and then it will be of no use.

FOUND ME tags are of very high quality, tamper proof stickers / tags which have Unique IDs to identify you. Using these could help protect not only your privacy but that of the finder too. LCF becomes the mediator between both parties. Also, we provide the value add of item drop-off at convenient centres and courier service to deliver the item, so you can retrieve your item without too much running around.

• How does LostClikFound.com service protect my privacy? 

LostClikFound.com provides a Premium membership for customers. The customer, who avails this service, gets to keep his/her personal details from the finder. Similarly the finder also can keep his/her identity from the owner. LCF mediates all the transactions between both parties, to facilitate this protection of privacy.

• Does LostClikFound.com service deter theft?

LostClikFound.com mainly helps in retrieving lost items. But yes, they do help to deter theft. Having a tamper proof tag attached to the item will grab more attention and make it that much more difficult to resell. So, having the LostClikFound service will definitely deter anyone who wants to steal the item.

• What does LostClikFound.com service's service cost?

• Why would someone return my valuable things?

Surveys agree with us, that usually most finders want to return the found item, provided the owner can be located and returning the item is not time consuming. LostClikFound.com service not only provides easy means to identify and track the owner, as Tags give a toll-free number and a website, but it also provides very accommodating drop-off centres, or can arrange a courier pick-up. A reward offered for the return of the item can be an enticement even.

• What happens when I sell or transfer my LostClikFound.com service-labeled item?

Transfer of Label can be done to the new owner’s account. (*** to be made clear on transfer process)

• How do I delete a label? 

 Login to your account in the LostClikFound website. Your labels are listed in ‘My Account’ ‘Item Details’ tab. Select the Label you want to delete and press the ‘X’ button that is present at the right side on that row.

• How do I activate more labels under my account if I am already a registered customer?

 You can activate the label after login to your account using your Username and Password. There are 2 ways to activate your labels.

a)      You can go to ‘My Account’ link at the right hand top of page. Then select the ‘Item details’ tab. Here all your Labels are listed. Select the activate Label icon against which ever label you want to activate. Fill in the details of the item as required and submit.

b)      In the home page, you can click on the ‘Activate Labels’ Tab. Enter the Owner ID of the Label and submit. Fill in the details of the item as required and submit again.

• What kind of labels and tags do you offer?

FOUND ME tags are available in different shapes and sizes. They will be very high quality, tamper proof stickers or Tags which cannot be easily destroyed.

• What kinds of rewards are offered for returning my items?

Rewards offered for returning can be of two types. LostClikFound presents all the finders with Rs. 500 worth of LostClikFound.com Service abels and Tags. Also the owner of the lost item, can announce a cash reward to the finder. The owner can announce this after he has lost the item or even while he is activating his label.

• Can I get all my labels with the same Owner Number?

No. The Labels have unique Owner IDs. No IDs are repeated. This system helps LostClikFound to classify and recognize the item lost. The Owner of the Tag will have to activate individual Label separately.

• Some of the letters on the labels look like numbers. How can I tell the difference?

Care has been taken to remove similar looking alphabets and numbers. For example, ‘0’ and ‘O’, ‘1’ and ‘I’ are confusing. Such confusions are avoided by excluding these characters from our Owner IDs. Other characters omitted are ‘B’, ‘S’.

• How do I change the description of the item I have registered?

Login to your account on LostClikFound.com Go to the ‘My Account’ Link on the top right section of the Home page. On this page, select the ‘Item Details’ tab. All your Labels are listed in this page. Each Label will have an ‘Activate/Edit’ icon on its left hand side. Clicking on this icon will enable you to edit or change the description of the item that is attached with this Label.

• Can you explain the enhanced/Premium service plans? 

Premium Service plans are available to Customers at a nominal price. It also has a renewable tenure. Advantages for a Premium customer are many. The main one being that LostClikFound will co-ordinate with the finder of your lost item, with the customer remaining anonymous. LostClikFound will be responsible to deliver the lost item to the owner.

• How do I upgrade my basic coverage?

You will be in basic coverage when you register with LostClikFound. There are 2 ways in which you can upgrade to Premium membership. Login to your account in LostClikFound.

a)      You can purchase the Premium membership which is featured as a service in the Product and Services page.

b)      The link to purchase the upgrade to Premium membership is available in the ‘My Account’ section once you login.

• Am I still protected after my coverage expires?

Yes. LostClikFound will have your details and the item details even after your coverage expires. LostClikFound will contact you in case any of your lost item is found and work towards returning it with the same speed and competence.

• How do I apply labels?

The surface where you are applying the Labels should be dust and grime free. They work the best for items which do not have sharp or rugged surfaces. Make sure that the Label is stuck at all corners and edges perfectly.

• Can I reuse a label?

No. LostClikFound.com service labels are designed for one-time use.

• Does LostClikFound.com service work Internationally?

We are yet to provide that service. Though in case a finder reports the lost item on our website, we can work out a path to return the item to the owner.

• Will you ship my item for free if I determine where my lost item is on my own? 

Yet to be decided  


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