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People lose things, which are critical in their everyday activities. More often, than not, the data that is lost along with the object, is more valuable than the object itself. Valuable, is a term, which varies from person to person and product to product.

Valuable portable items, that can be lost, can vary from small items like goggles to larger ones like laptops and digital cameras. They get left behind is public places like railway stations, airports, taxis, coffee shops. Smaller items like wallets, phones, pen drives drop unnoticed out of pockets and bags. And these items get found.

Surveys agree with us, that usually most finders would definitely return the items to the owners, if they can find them. But there is a LACK OF MEANS for the identification and tracing of the owner. So, the lost items stay just there, Lost to the owner.

LostClikFound provides a service which can bridge this gap between the person who has lost and the person who has found the item. Without LostClikFound.com service, recovery rates are very low. With LostClikFound.com service the odds are raised. Why?

LostClikFound.com service is easy to use by both the owners who lost their items and the finders. It can be used by all kinds of people, school kids to corporates, tech-savvy or non tech-savvy ones, vendors to businessmen. The service can be used by the simply attaching our LostClikFound Labels or Tags to your items.

LostClikFound tags and Labels tells the finder how to return the item to the owner. The finder has a MEANS now to contact the owner, through LostClikFound. LostClikFound can arrange for easy return of the item, and also prove beneficial to both parties.  

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